Probation and Suspension

Academic Probation

Students are required to maintain a minimum overall GPA (OGPA) of 2.0. When students’ OGPA falls below 2.0, they will be placed on probation. First-year students who are placed on probation for the first time will be required to work with an Academic Support Counselor. All students who are on academic probation will be restricted to taking no more than 12 semester credit hours and are encouraged to seek assistance through the Academic Support Center. Students on academic probation may be in jeopardy of losing Federal Financial Aid.

  • Students earning a Semester Institutional GPA (SIGPA) of 2.0 or higher the semester immediately following probation will be removed from probation if their OGPA is 2.0 or higher. If the OGPA remains below 2.0, they will remain on probation.

  • Any student whose SIGPA is less than 2.0 during the semester following probation will be suspended per ABAC’s academic standing policy.

Academic Suspension

Students not attaining minimum academic standards after being placed on academic probation will be suspended from the College. The minimum standard for avoiding academic suspension after being placed on academic probation is a SIGPA of 2.0. Consecutive terms of probation in which students continue to earn a SIGPA of 2.0 or higher will prevent suspension. However, failure to earn a SIGPA of 2.0 while on academic probation will result in a suspension. The first suspension will be for the first 16-week semester (fall or spring, not summer) immediately following the suspension; subsequent suspensions will be for one full academic year (three terms).