Financial Aid Tips

  1. Remind the student that the FAFSA must be done every year. Students can now use their Prior-Prior Year taxes and begin filling out the FAFSA in October.

  2. Am I eligible for financial aid?

    • Students can easily check this on DegreeWorks (it’s right at the top):

  3. Remind students to recheck their eligibility at the end of each semester, after grades have posted.

Degree Plan for Financial Aid Appeal

If asked for a degree plan due to a FA appeal by students

  1. Have them print their degree plan from DegreeWorks

  2. DegreeWorks maps out the degree and lists classes needed to satisfy the degree

  3. Exceptions: Will not work for some returning students with quarter credit hours. (Generally, from the year 2000 and below).

  4. Accuracy of DegreeWorks will need to be checked if the student started ABAC before Fall 2012.

Program Maps are located in the Catalog